$155 per month
Up to 12 classes a month
Family - $225
LEO/MIL/First Responders $135 (Family $205)
Add 24/7 access for $50/person



$185 per month
As many classes as you want to attend during the week!
Family - $275
LEO/MIL/First Responders $160 (Family $245)
Access to our sister box CrossFit Fairfax
Add 24/7 access for $15/person


$185 per month
24/7 access to facility
No group classes
Family - $275
No other discounts
  • Family Memberships are for 2 adults that are married or couples that live together
  • Add 24/7 Access to your membership for only $15/person (unlimited) or $50/person (limited)

SugarWOD Only


Follow our programming online
Daily warm ups and skills
Scaling options