Our WOD is the main body of work to be completed during a CrossFit class. They are constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.

CrossFit Kids/Teens

We strive to make fitness fun for our kids. Every session includes a warm-up, focus work on a basic athletic movement and or gymnastics skill, a short Workout of the Day, and most importantly (for our younger ones), a game.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the very foundation of CrossFit’s program and every athlete’s success. It is the molecular building block of any program you might be doing.

Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness programs are the answer to making your company a healthier, happier and more productive place. Our programs are tailored to meet your organizations’ specific needs.

Olympic Lifting

Our aim is to help weightlifters of all abilities achieve their goals, be they in training, competition or in support of their Crossfit performance.

Private Training

If you are interested in one-on-one training, we currently offer 45 and 60 minute sessions that are ideal for all levels and are tailored to address your personal needs and fitness goals.